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This group was formed from a skeptic and technical point of view. Since im not a psyschic or a medium, I wanted to apply my technical and analytical knowledge into the investigative field. This means I look inside and outside the box before I come to a conclusion. It's my hope through technical science that maybe we can do the same in the paranormal field.

My mother used to tell me stories about my family and some of their experiences with the spirit world.From then on I began to read and study various stories from all over the world of ghost legend and lore.At age 13 I had my first experience with a ghost.It frightened me, but it also changed me.I believe there is so much we dont understand about what happens when the physical body dies.I want to learn as much as I can about this phenomenon.What is it they need?Why do they communicate?This is why I do this.I want to find the answers, and use my knowledge to assist others in this mystery.

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